XION '15

Robomania Unleashed

19th & 20th March 2015


Get Ready for Xion'15!

About The Robotics Club

The Robotics Club of SRM University, Vadapalani Campus, was born on the 8th of March 2011, as a joint effort between students and teachers to build a platform where they could channel and give form to their passion for Robotics. It kicked off to a roaring start with the organizing of the two day workshop on BASCOM based robotics design in March 2011 and the workshop on Robot design using Arduino Microcontroller in August 2011. March 2012 was eventful for the club with the conception of Xion’12, a two day national level technical symposium comprising robot competitions, technical and fun events followed by a workshop on Sixth sense robotics with vision robotics. In March 2013, the club ventured into PIC Microcontroller based robotic design by hosting a two day workshop. The year of 2014 saw three workshops being conducted, Accelerobotics-gesture controlled robots and Biped-walking robot in March 2014 followed by ISensoBots-sensors based multi-application robot design in August 2014. The same year also saw the much awaited Xion’14 make an appearance in March with exciting technical and fun events making quite a splash on all the enthusiastic participants who came in large numbers. Emboldened with the success of Xion’14, the Robotics Club now brings to you, Xion’15.

Technical Events

Non-Technical Events



Event Organisers

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Naman Jha
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Lakshmi Kanth
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Workshop Head

Kartik Grover
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Sponsor Head

Chakradhar Venkat
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Staff Coordinators

Mrs. Anita Christaline
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Mr. Benu Deepsun
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Ms. Aruna P.
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